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Cannot create Item Beginning Balances
POD/Physical/Finished goods inventory type
Composite Item within Composite Item
Build item from different location
Composite Item with parts and labor
Item Discounts
Serial Numbers
Alias part numbers
Is it possible to kit or bundle an inventory item and a service together?
Usage / Price units
Can you use the same Item Code (SKU's) in both warehouses?
Transfer Items Between Warehouses/Locations
Can NolaPro make item adjustments?
Price Modification
Serialized Inventory
Item Location Report
Item Beginning Balances
Number of Items Sold Report
Bin/Shelf/Aisle Location
Delete Inventory Items
Composite Item
Deduct Inventory for Service Order
Does NolaPro Support Multiple Warehouses/Plant Locations Within The Same Company?
Hide Inventory Status
Quick Item Lookup
Can a Company Division/Location Pull Inventory From the Main Company?
"Purchase On Demand" Items Cost
Item Cost
How is Inventory Updated?
QTY on Hand for All Inventory
Delete Build Order
Item Prices Not Appearing
Maximum Size of Inventory Item Code
Inventory Definitions
Import Check List
Verify and Correct Item Balances
Item Description Length
Inventory Cost for Orders
Calculate Reorder Points
Item Options Group