Item Discounts

Item Discounts

There are a few ways to sell inventory items at a discount or different price point.

1. Price Levels (Inventory -> Setup Inventory -> Price Levels).

When these have been created you can go to the Edit Item screen in Inventory and select Add/Edit Pricing & Location at the bottom of the page to enter your prices.

2. Another option is our Customer Item Discounts add-on. Once activated, go to

Inventory -> Setup Inventory -> Customer Item Discounts

to set a discount per item and customer.

3. Customer Groups (Billing -> Setup Receivables -> Customer Groups)

are similar to Price Levels except you can set pricing for specific items instead of all items.

After the groups are created you will need to assign the customers you want to have this discount in Orders -> Customers -> Edit Customer.

Edit the customer you want then scroll down until you get to the Customer Group field then enter the group name.

Finally you will need to set the discount price for the inventory items since you want the discount to apply to each item. Go to Inventory -> Items -> Edit Items.

Select the item, click Edit and scroll down to the bottom and click Add/Edit Pricing & Location. If you have multiple inventory locations select the desired location and click Edit. In the Pricing section you should see a field for the Customer Group you created where the Sell Price can be set.