Item Discounts

Item Discounts

There are a few ways to sell inventory items at a discount or different price point.

1. Price Levels

Admin -> Inventory -> Price Levels

When these have been created, you can edit items and click Add/Edit Pricing & Location at the top of the page to enter prices for the different levels. You can also enter prices for multiple items at the same time using Inventory -> Items -> Item Prices - Mass Edit or Inventory -> Items -> Export/Import Edit Tool.

2. Customer Item Discounts

Admin -> Inventory -> Customer Item Discounts

This requires the Customer Item Discounts add-on to be active. Go to Admin -> Inventory -> Customer Item Discounts to set a discount per item and customer. When a discounted item is placed on an order for a customer, the special pricing will be applied.

3. Customer Groups

Admin -> Billing -> Customer Groups

Customer Groups are similar to Price Levels except you can set pricing for specific items instead of all items and just for certain customers.

After the customer groups are created, you will need to assign customers to groups. Go to Income -> Customers and select a customer to edit. Assign a Customer Group under General -> Additional.

Next set discount pricing for inventory items for the group.  Go to Inventory -> Items and select an item to edit.

At the top of the page click Customer Group. Mark off which groups the item should have special pricing for, and set a value for Special Price.

When a customer is assigned to the group, they will receive the special pricing for items in the group.

4. Special Sales Pricing

Admin -> Inventory -> Special Sales Pricing

This feature requires the Special Sales Pricing add-on to be active.  With this tool you can create special pricing for customers that can apply to a job or specific inventory/branch location and can have begin and end dates so the pricing can expire. You can also target the special pricing to profit margin, so the price can be calculated based on the static cost set for the item.