How can I make item adjustments?

How can I make item adjustments?

You can make adjustments to on-hand quantities for items by going to Inventory -> Items -> Item Adjustments.

You can set up the available Adjustment Types by going to Admin -> Inventory -> Inventory Adjustment Request Types. Here you can select the offsetting GL accounts that will be used for the adjustment types.

When making an adjustment, select an Item and an Adjustment Type, then click the Add Line button.

Enter in the Adjustment Qty (positive to increase the on-hand level and negative to decrease the on-hand level) and set the Adjustment Cost per item (used when increasing the on-hand level).

You can require that users enter in Comments when adding item adjustments by turning on the setting Admin -> Inventory -> General Setup -> Require Comments On Item Adjustments.


If you want to make a cost adjustment to an item, but don't need to adjust quantities, you can use Inventory -> Items -> Item Cost Adjustments

You can choose a specific item to adjust costs for and then specify the # of Items Affected and the Total Cost to Add/Deduct From Items

Or you can use an existing vendor (AP) bill and apply totals from it against items received on a certain PO (Apply Total From AP Bill and Against Items Received On PO fields). This can be very useful for cases where you receive a separate freight invoice for items you've received, and you want to apply the freights costs to the PO items' inventory values. This process can help you apply the full landed cost to items.