Return Item Received on PO

Return Item Received on PO

You can return items that have been received on a purchase order by utilizing the Expenses -> PO Receipts -> Return Received PO tool (requires the Tools -> System -> Add-ons -> Purchase Order Returns add-on to be active).

Enter the PO number that has the items you'd like to return. 

Enter the Qty To Return and whether you'd like to request a credit or a replacement item in the Directive column.

If the vendor provides you with an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number, you can enter that in the RTV (return to vendor) Number box. You can also specify if a Restocking Fee will be assessed and apply that to the PO.

Click Create Return PO to generate the return.

The new return PO will have the same PO number with -RET01 added to the end (for the second return on the PO it will be -RET02, etc.).

You can "receive" the PO (Expenses -> PO Receipts -> Receive Items on PO) when you send the items back so that the items can be taken out of stock. You can then pass the PO to payables (Expenses -> Purchase Orders -> Completed PO to AP).


Another option would be to make an inventory adjustment to pull the items out using Inventory -> Items -> Item Adjustments.

You could also make a negative quantity receipt without PO using Expenses -> Purchase Orders -> Receive Without PO. This will take your items out of stock.

Similarly you could make a brand new PO for a negative quantity, and then receive it.