Vendor Charges

Vendor Charges

Many of my vendors charge me for things like a pallet charge or for special wrapping. How do I get these entered into the PO when I am making it up?

You can add these charges after the shipment is received when passing the PO receipt to AP using Expenses -> Purchase Orders -> Completed PO to AP

After selecting the PO line items to include on the vendor bill you'll have an option to enter in a Freight charge and also other miscellaneous charges using the Add Misc GL Entry button.

If you need to spread costs across inventory items, you can go to Inventory -> Items -> Item Cost Adjustments.

Set an Adjustment Date and a Location, and then at the bottom of the page choose an AP bill for Apply Total From AP Bill and select a PO for Against Items Received On PO. You can then set the number of items affected for each received item, the total adjustment cost for each line, and the amount from the AP bill to use for the offset.