Credit Card Purchases

Credit Card Purchases

You can record credit card purchases and convert them into vendor bills by using the Credit Card Tracking add-on. 

To start follow the directions below:

1. Go to Expenses -> Credit Card Purchases -> Credit Cards. Click Add to enter info about your credit cards into the system. You'll need to put in a name for the card, link the card to a vendor, and select a liability GL account for where the pending CC charges should reside before being converted to a vendor bill.

2. Go to Expenses -> Credit Card Purchases -> CC Purchase Types and click Add to create pre-defined purchase categories that can be assigned to credit card purchases. You can set a GL Payables Contra Account (liability) and a GL Expense account for purchases that will be assigned to this category.

3. Go to Expenses -> Credit Card Purchases -> New Credit Card Purchase to add purchases to the system. You can select pre-defined purchase types in the Charge Type column or select specific GL expense accounts. The line items will need to add up to the amount entered in the Total Charged box above.

4. Go to Expenses -> Credit Card Bills -> New Credit Card Bill to generate a vendor bill made up of individual credit card purchases in the system. You will be able to add in additional lines to the bill for things that weren't entered as CC Purchases by using the Other Charges on Bill section at the bottom of the page.