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Credit Card VAT Tax


The VAT Tax appears on the Sales Tax Report after the Credit Card Bill is processed. Below are the instructions to set this process up.

  1. Admin -> Setup Admin -> System Settings. Make sure "Set Taxes for VAT / GST" box is checked. Save.
  2. Admin -> Setup Billing -> Sales Taxes. Add a new tax or Edit an existing tax. Make sure there is information in the following fields: Tax District Name, Tax Rate, GL Account for Tax Collected, GL Account for Tax Paid. Save the new / edited tax.
  3. Contacts -> Vendors -> New/Edit Vendor. Set the "Sales Tax District" to your VAT Tax. Save.
  4. Payables -> Credit Card Bills -> Credit Cards. Credit your Credit Card. Choose the Vendor you created in #3. Save.
  5. Payables -> Credit Card Bills -> CC Purchase Types. Create your CC Puchase Types, indicate both GL accounts, and choose the VAT Tax it is tied to in the "If Type is Tax" field. Save.
  6. Payables -> Credit Card Purchases -> CC Purchases. Click the "Add" button. Click "Next". Complete the required fields. Make sure to indicate the "Charge Type". This will tie it to the VAT Tax. Save.
  7. Payables -> Credit Card Bills -> New Credit Card Bills. Choose your Credit Card, input a Invoice #, then click "Next". Input information on following page and click "Next". Check the box for all that were on the bill. Click "Save".
  8. Ledger -> Journal Entries -> Post Journals Now.
  9. Reports -> Billing -> Sales Tax Report. Your Credit Card VAT Tax will appear.
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