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Advance Payment to a Vendor


At the present time their is only an option to prepay by credit card after entering in the PO. To prepay by check you can enter it as a bill and pay it. After you receive your items you can then close out the PO. Next go to Payables -> Purchasing -> Completed PO to AP, making sure to click the checkbox for Prepaid.

If you have the Credit Card Tracking add-on and if you have indicated in the setup section for that add-on (Payables -> Credit Cards -> General Info) that you want to allow PO's to be paid via credit card, you will see the button Prepaid by Credit Card when creating a PO. Click on this button to pop up a payment screen.

NOTE: No Automatic processing of the credit card will take place. This is just a method of tracking what the various charges made to your credit card are for.

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