Delete Inventory Items

Delete Inventory Items

If you have not processed any transactions with the items you'd like to delete (such as creating Purchase Orders or creating Orders with Inventory Items), you can import a new set of inventory items and select to delete the existing ones.

We would recommend making a backup of your database before proceeding as a safeguard (Tools -> Storage Info -> Download Database).

To import a new set of inventory items and delete the existing ones:

1. Go to Tools -> Import -> Import Inventory Items.

2. Click the link labeled Download item import header file. This will contain a starter CSV file with column headings.

3. Read over the warnings on the screen and make sure your file is laid out as listed on the Import Inventory Items page.

4. Select the CSV file containing the inventory items.

5. Select Import Type: Full (all existing items will be permanently deleted)

To delete a single inventory item go to Inventory -> Items. Select the item to delete. Click the Delete button at the top of the page. Instead of deleting you can also check the Inactive box if you just want to have the item hidden from being added to orders and invoices.