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Manufacturing Company

Solution NolaPro's modules while not written specifically for a manufacturing company, has been built with user flexibility in mind. When you first access NolaPro you will see the setup screen. In the "Business Type" field use the drop down menu to choose "Manufacturing/Industrial".

When setting up your Chart of Accounts in Tools -> Imports -> Import Accounts in the "Industry Standard Account Sets" drop down menu you will see two manufacturing options. "Manufacturing - Extensive" and "Manufacturing - Simple".

If you have the free version download you may be interested in purchasing the Inventory and Ordering System. Or, you can signup for a free 30 day trial of our Prosper Hosted version that includes the Inventory and Ordering System, Payroll System, and B2B System. Please click here to start your free trial.

If you have specific functions you need please feel free to ask and we will let you know if they are an available feature. You can also log onto our online demo by clicking here to view the features and functionality of NolaPro.
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