Delete a PO

Delete a PO

Situation 1

Go to Expenses -> Purchase Orders. Locate your PO and click the PO number. If the PO Status is Open, then you will see a Delete button at the top of the page you can click to remove the PO.

Situation 2

If you have received any or all of the PO, then you won't have a Delete button available.

You will first need to delete any receipts before you can delete the PO.

Go to Expenses -> PO Receipts. Locate the receipts you would like to remove. Click the Receipt Batch ID number. Click the Recv Date link for the receipts you'd like to delete.

Click the Uncreceive this Item button to remove the receipt.

If the receipt has already been passed to a vendor bill, you will see the delete button disabled and labeled Passed To Payables - Delete Bill First

Situation 3

If you have passed the PO to Payables (Expenses -> Purchase Orders -> Completed PO to AP), you will first need to delete the bill by going to Expenses -> Vendor Bills before you will be able to delete the PO.

Go to Expenses -> Vendor Bills. Locate the vendor bill to remove. Click the link in the Invoice column.

Click the Delete button.

If the vendor bill has already been paid, you will first need to void the payment before you can delete the bill. Void payments by going to Expenses -> Checks -> View/Cancel Checks.