Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Set up credit card processing by going to Admin -> Billing -> Credit Card Options -> Add New Account. Select NolaPay and then click the Sign Up button at the top of the page. Fill out the application provided, and we will quickly get in touch with you to confirm your information and move to the next step to get your system set to accept credit cards.

You can set the default credit card account to use by going to Admin -> Billing -> Company Options -> General -> Payment -> Default Credit Card Account.

If you'd like to include links to pay invoices when you email invoices from the system, you can activate the Email Payment Links add-on. You can specify where the payment link shows in the body of the message by adding {paybutton} to your invoice mail template (Admin -> System -> Mail Templates). Customers will be able to enter credit card information to pay invoices without needing to log in.

You can review all credit card activity (successes, failures, and errors) by going to Income -> Reports -> Billing -> Credit Card Transactions.

Please contact us at if you need recommendations on current compatible dedicated credit card terminals.