Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

You can generate custom barcode labels with the Custom Design Barcode Labels add-on (Tools -> System -> Add-ons).

Once the add-on is active (you may need to log out and back in after turning on the add-on ), go to Admin -> Inventory -> Barcode Labels.

After creating a label, set a default barcode label to use by going to Admin -> System -> Company New/Edit -> General -> Additional. Select a barcode for the settings Default Item Barcode Label and Default Item Barcode Label For Orders

You can print barcode labels for items by going to Inventory -> Items -> Barcode Mass Print.

You can also print barcodes for items on purchase orders by clicking the Print Labels button when editing a PO.

Also after receiving a PO (Expenses -> Purchase Orders -> Receive Items on PO) you can click the Labels button, and the system will generate barcode labels for all items that have been received.