Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

To use the barcode scanner all you need to do is place your curser in the field for what is being scanned and scanning the barcode will insert that information. For example, scanning a barcode for an inventory item with the curser active in the inventory item field in NolaPro will insert the name of the item.

You can use a scanner to input the item code on the POS page in NolaPro. Be sure to set your scanner so it produces a tab after reading in data instead of producing a hard return, which will cause the page to submit prematurely.

There are no special instructions in the manual to do this. Just scan the item when the cursor is in the item code box on the POS page.

Our POS can use a barcode scanner for inputting. We use a standard format setting for scanning which is code 3 of 9. We can support a "keyboard wedge" which is installed inline with the keyboard, or alternately a USB plug-in scanner. Some of the scanners have to be set so they send a tab signal after scanning instead of a hard return.

Most barcode scanners are compatible with NolaPro.

You can enter a UPC code in the Order Details section on the POS page in that first column of light-blue bordered boxes with the column heading Item Code. The light blue border on input boxes indicates that these are auto-lookup search fields, meaning you can start typing and a list of matching entries will automatically be displayed. If you enter a UPC code, a matching item will come up.