Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

To use a barcode scanner all you need to do is place your curser in the field where scanned info should go, and then scan the barcode to insert the barcoded information. For example, scanning a barcode for an inventory item with the curser active in the inventory item search field in NolaPro will insert the item code for the item (or UPC code if that's what was scanned).

You can use a scanner to input the item code or product code on the POS page in NolaPro (item search box in the Item Code column under Invoice Details). Be sure to set your scanner so it produces a tab after reading in data instead of producing a hard return, which will cause the page to submit prematurely. If you'll be using a scanner regularly for POS to locate items, you can set the Item Lookup Method box (above Invoice Details) to Quick - Search Exact Matches Only For Item Code Or UPC (Faster). If the option is set to Extensive, you can still pull up items with a scanner, but the performance may be a bit slower if you have many inventory items.

Most barcode scanners are compatible with NolaPro.

You can generate custom barcode labels with the Custom Design Barcode Labels add-on (Tools -> Add-ons).

Once the add-on is active (you may need to log out and back in after turning on the add-on ), go to Admin -> Inventory -> Barcode Labels.

After creating a label, set a default barcode label to use by going to Admin -> System -> Company New/Edit -> General -> Additional. Select a barcode for the settings Default Item Barcode Label and Default item Barcode Label For Orders

You can print barcode labels for items by going to Inventory -> Items -> Barcode Mass Print.