Install on Linux

Install on Linux

NolaPro Linux Installation Using the Web Installer

* In order to use the NolaPro Web Installer, you need to have Apache 2.x running as well as PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8+ (or MariaDB 10.6+) installed. You can find additional Linux installation help here.

* Once you have this basic setup complete, download the NolaPro files from, copy the nolapro directory to a web-accessible folder (i.e. the document root of your web server). The Apache user must have write access to the nolapro directory.

* Bring up this folder in a web browser (usually http://localhost, http://localhost/nolapro, or if you use the nolapro directory as the document root).

* The web installer will display the system dependencies that are required in order to run NolaPro properly.

* You may need to make modifications to your system so that NolaPro will operate on your machine. Remember to restart your web server if you make modifications to its configuration or to PHP.

* When all status flags are green, you can continue on with the installation process and load the database.