SSL Certificate Help - Windows

SSL Certificate Help - Windows

NolaPro Windows installations created using the Single Mode installation-type will need to first change the installation into Server Mode.  This can be done by running the NolaPro Windows Installer app, and then clicking the Update Settings button.

To facilitate the installation of an SSL Certificate on a Windows system, the following changes should be added to the file C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\httpd\conf\httpd.conf.

 * Go to nearly the bottom of the file and remove the "#" character from the the line "#Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf"

 * Optionally, if you'd like to switch the http:// connection from 50080 to the standard port of 80 then change the line "#Listen" from near the top of the file to "Listen", removing the "#" character.  You can comment out the "Listen 50080" line below by adding the "#" to the start of the line like so "#Listen 50080"

 * Change the "ServerName localhost:50080" line to your real domain name (Example: "ServerName").  
In C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\httpd\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf, make the following adjustments.

 * Change the "ServerName localhost" line to your real domain name.  

Copy your .crt file from your Certificate Authority (, for example) into folder: C:\Program Files\NolaPro\httpd\conf\ssl.crt\. Rename the existing server.crt file, or overwrite.

Copy your .key file from your Certificate Authority into folder: C:\Program Files\NolaPro\httpd\conf\ssl.key\. Rename the existing server.key file, or overwrite.

Restart the system to force the Apache HTTP service to bring in the new settings, and then test it out by bringing up the registered domain name.