Move NolaPro Between Computers

Move NolaPro Between Computers

To begin, install NolaPro on the new machine. Then you will need to create a database backup from your current system and upload it to the new server. How you accomplish this depends on whether you are on Windows or Linux.

For Hosted sites there is a link to download your database in Tools->Storage Info. This page also has a Download Attachments link to get a backup of any files or images you may have attached to customers, orders, etc.

If you are not Hosted and are using Windows, you can download the NolaPro Windows Installation Management tool from Click on the Full Download option in the Windows section.

Run the program and install NolaPro on your new system, if you haven't already. 

Click the Import Database option and select the backup database file made from your old system. The import and update will then run. When complete, log in with your existing username and password.

If you are using Linux, please submit a support ticket for further assistance.