Move NolaPro Between Computers

Move NolaPro Between Computers

For the programs themselves, just install a new version. For the database, after you install, you will need to dump from your current system and upload it on the new server. How you accomplish this depends on whether you are on windows or linux.

With Hosted sites there is a link to download your database in Tools->Database information. You can download and unzip this file and copy to c:\Program Files\Noguska\Nolapro\Apache\mysql\bin.

Then you can then follow the instructions to restore your database. (Windows users)

If you are not Hosted and are using Windows you will need to use MySQL's mysqldump command. Here's what to do:

Open up a Command Prompt by going to Start -> Run (or Search) and type in cmd.

Type the following 2 commands to export your database:
cd "C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\Apache\mysql\bin"
mysqldump -uroot nolapro > nolapro_backup.sql

Now open up a file explorer and look for the file C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\Apache\mysql\bin\nolapro_backup.sql.

Copy it to your new server (assuming it is Windows too) to the directory C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\Apache\mysql\bin (you'll need to first run the NolaPro installer on this server before the directory will exist).

Open up a Command Prompt on the new server and type the following commands to load your database:
cd "C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\Apache\mysql\bin"
mysql -uroot nolapro < nolapro_backup.sql

Be sure that the version of the new NolaPro installation is the same as that on your old machine.

If you are using Linux please submit a support ticket for further help.