ACH/EFT Payments

ACH/EFT Payments

You can process ACH/EFT payments in NolaPro one of two ways: 1) Via automatic hand-off to your bank using NolaPay, or 2) By generating an ACH formatted file that can be uploaded to your bank.


Automatic ACH Processing with NolaPay

Go to Tools -> System -> Add-ons -> All and turn on the ACH/EFT Processing Via NolaPay add-on. If you haven't activated your NolaPay account yet, go to Admin -> Billing -> Credit Card Options -> Add New Account -> NolaPay -> Sign Up. Let us know that you'd like to have ACH processing inside NolaPro. When you receive your credentials back from us, enter those in the boxes in the Credit Card Options page. Be sure to select the correct Bank Account that should be associated with this account for handling ACH transactions.

Enter bank account details for vendors in the Payment -> Additional section when editing a vendor.

Enter bank account details for customers in the Invoicing -> Additional section when editing a customer.

To add ACH payments to vendors, go to Expenses -> Checks -> Write Checks. When creating the payments, choose ACH/EFT Payment for Pay How. Select the Bank Account that is linked to your NolaPay account. You will see a message similar to Click Save to Send EFT Payments to NolaPay For Processing during the last step. Click Save to hand off the transactions to your bank.

To add ACH payments for customers, go to Income -> Payments -> Enter EFT Payments. Select which payments to include in the batch and click the Send EFT Info to NolaPay to hand off the transactions to your bank.

Go to Income -> Reports -> Billing -> EFT Report or Expenses -> Reports -> EFT Report to review previously sent ACH/EFT batches.

You can also send payroll direct deposit transactions to NolaPay for processing. Enter employee bank details in the Payroll -> Bank Information section when editing an employee. When writing checks with Payroll -> Process Payroll -> Write Checks select the option Send to NolaPay for Processing for the setting Direct Deposit.


Manual ACH Processing with NACHA Export Files

When the ACH/EFT Processing Via NolaPay add-on is off, you will see an option labeled Generate NACHA File when making vendor bill payments (Expenses -> Checks -> Write Checks) and the Pay How is set to ACH/EFT Payment. NACHA stands for National Automated Clearing House Association and is a file format that banks can use to initiate account transfers. For vendors that have bank account info entered in the Payments -> Additional section of the vendor edit page, you will have the option to include the vendor on a NACHA-formatted export file. The system will record the payments to vendors as ACH/EFT payments, but you will need to upload the NACHA file with your bank to initiate the account transfers and actually have money move.

When generating payroll payments with Payroll -> Process Payroll -> Write Checks  you can select the option Create ACH File for the Direct Deposit setting. This will give you a link to download a NACHA-formatted file with direct deposit info for your employees that you can upload to a bank. You can enter bank info when editing employees by going to the Payroll -> Bank Information section on the employee edit page.