Employee Time Tracking

Employee Time Tracking

The Employee Time Tracking add-on allows employees to record hours and provides a way for an administrator to approve times and pass the hours worked to a payroll period.

Visit here to learn about setting up time clock login accounts for your employees. 

You can modify time clock system settings by going to Admin -> Payroll -> Time Clock Setup.

The time clock system automatically detects shift work and overtime pay, and administrators are able to edit all time entries before passing on the values to the payroll module for calculation and check generation. Authorized users can approve times by going to Payroll -> Time Clock -> Approve/Edit Times.

You can pass approved time clock hours to a payroll period during the Payroll -> Process Payroll -> Log Hours process by clicking the Post Approved Time Clock Entries button below the Set Default Hours list. The system will post all approved hours that are within the Period Begin Date and Period End Date range. You can modify the hours as needed for each employee as you step through and verify pay and hours for each employee in the pay period.

You can view hours worked with the Payroll -> Reports -> Time Summary report.