Create Worker for a Service Order

Create Worker for a Service Order

When you add labor time to an order (Add Labor Time to Order button) you must indicate a Worker.

If you haven't already, make sure that you go to Admin -> Orders and set up your Service Classes, Service Labor Rates, Service Types, and Service Status Options. Service Subtypes can also be created if desired.

After setting up the options in Admin -> Orders, create or edit employees (Payroll -> Employees) who you'd like to be available as workers for service orders. Select a value for the Service Worker Class in the General section below the employee's name. Save when done.

You can also have vendors as service order workers.  Add or edit vendors by going to Expenses -> Vendors and assign a class from the Service Class box under the Vendor Terms -> Additional section.

When adding labor time to service orders, you'll be able to select workers from the list of employees and vendors who have been designated a service class. If a user is linked to an employee (Admin -> System -> Users), then when the user is logged in, their account will be the default Worker when adding time, if a service class is assigned to their employee account.