Deleting an Invoice

Deleting an Invoice

In order to delete an invoice, you must first void any payments that have been applied to the invoice:

  Income -> Payments -> Void Payments or click the invoice number in Income -> Invoices, then click the Void Payment link in the Payment Detail table next to each payment for the invoice.

If the payment has already been submitted to the bank, you will need to delete the bank deposit first and then void the payment:

  Income -> Bank Deposits

After all payments have been voided, go to the invoice edit screen:

  Income -> Invoices

Find your invoice and click the invoice number.

  • At the top of the page click the Edit button.
  • Click the Unpost button from the edit page.
  • Once unposted you will have a Delete button at the top of the page. Click Delete to remove the invoice permanently. Deleted invoices cannot be brought back.

You can have admin users (those with Supervisor rights) notified when an invoice is deleted by turning on the option Admin -> Billing -> Company Options -> General -> General -> Send Email To Admins When Orders, Invoices, Or Payments Deleted.

You can run a report to see deleted invoices, along with other deleted items, by going to Tools -> System -> Deletion Report. If you don't see the report link, you may need to activate the Deletion Report add-on. Log out and back in after activating if you still don't see the menu option.