Emailing Invoices

Emailing Invoices

In order to send emails from NolaPro for invoices, purchase orders, or any other purpose, you will need to set up SMTP access so that NolaPro can send emails through an existing email account that you own.

To set up a default SMTP account that will be used for all users, go to Admin -> System -> System Settings -> Email Setup. For Connection Type you will most likely need to choose Custom OAuth if you use Google or another major similar provider. Click the Link My Login text to allow access for NolaPro to Google.

You can send a test email by going to Income -> Customers -> Email Center.

To email an invoice go to Income -> Invoices and click the invoice number to view the details for your invoice and click the Email button at the top of the page, or you can hover over the invoice number, click the small arrow that appears, then click Email from the context menu. A PDF of the invoice will automatically be attached to the message.

If you'd like to add an email template for the message body, go to Admin -> System -> Mail Templates. Choose Invoice as the Template Type.

You can add a link for customers to pay the invoice by inserting the text {paybutton} where you want the payment link to go in the email template. You need to have a credit card processor set up in order to accept payments (see Admin -> Billing -> Credit Card Options -> Add New Account -> NolaPay -> Sign Up).