Linux Update

Linux Update

After extracting the nolapro.tgz folder there is a file inside called UPDATE. This contains the following instructions:


NolaPro Update Installation

* Installing this NolaPro Update assumes that you agree with the terms of the LICENSE file contained in this folder.

* Back up your nolapro site files (ex. tar czvf nolapro_backup.tgz nolapro).

* Back up your nolapro database (ex. mysqldump -uroot -p nolapro > nolapro_backup.sql).

* Have all users log out of NolaPro.

* Copy the files in the nolapro_update folder ON TOP OF your current nolapro files. The nolapro update folder does not contain a complete set of files and that is why you must copy on top of your current files and not simply remove the old nolapro folder and put the new one in its place. A command like the one below should work:

cp -a nolapro_update/* /var/www/htdocs/nolapro/

* Log in as a supervisor user and click the link to begin database updates.

* Once database updates have completed, you can use NolaPro as normal.


Changing the database is not a required part of the NolaPro update, but if you would like to switch the database NolaPro uses, edit the files includes/my_defines.php and b2b/database/