Edit Sales / VAT Tax

Edit Sales / VAT Tax

You can add and edit sales taxes individually by going to Admin -> Billing -> Sales Taxes. Be sure to enter values for Tax District Name, Tax Rate, and GL Account for Tax Collected.

By default, sales taxes are shared across companies when added. Click the box next to Apply Only to this Company, if you just want a tax to be for the current company.

If you enter State, County, and/or City information for taxes, the system can automatically apply taxes for orders and invoices based on ship-to addresses if the option Admin -> Billing -> Sales Taxes -> General Sales Tax Info -> Auto Select Sales Tax From Ship To On Fulfillment and POS Orders is turned on.

If you set Effective Dates for sales taxes, the system will use new tax rates as they become effective based on the setting Block Outdated Tax Selection under Admin -> Billing -> Sales Taxes -> General Sales Tax Info.

You can import tax rates from a CSV file using Tools -> Import -> Import Sales Tax, if you'd prefer not to enter taxes individually.

If you are based in the US, you might consider using our Avalara AvaTax integration to have Avalara provide the exact taxes needed on invoices based on the sale or delivery location and items included on the invoices. AvaTax keeps up with changing rules and rates in 12,000+ tax jurisdictions to save you time importing and manipulating sales tax data inside NolaPro manually.