Canadian Taxes

Canadian Taxes


I am in Canada and have a provincial tax (PST) and a Federal Tax (GST). I would need the ability to set the tax level on products and customers. ie, a product would require PST and GST, but a customer might be PST excempt.

1. Set up your two taxes in the Admin->Setup Receivables->Sales Tax area.

2. In Admin->Setup Receivables->Company Options click on the General Tax Info button.

Then select "Select Which Taxes Apply To Each Item" as the method of applying the taxes. In this manner you can pick for each line item, which taxes apply and which do not.

NolaPro's Payroll module while not written specifically for Canada, does have unlimited user-defined deductions to handle processing requirements outside of the United States. Please visit our video training for the Payroll module available on the NolaPro Help Home page.