Canadian Sales Taxes

Canadian Sales Taxes


I am in Canada and have a provincial tax (PST) and a federal tax (GST). I need the ability to set the tax level on products and customers where a product could require PST and GST, but a customer might be PST exempt.

1. Set up your two taxes by going to Admin -> Billing -> Sales Taxes -> Add.

2. Go to Admin -> Billing -> Sales Taxes -> General Sales Tax Info. For the option labeled How to Apply Taxes on Invoice Order Items choose the setting Select Which Taxes Apply to Each Item

Completing these steps will allow you to pick for each line item on quotes, orders, and invoices which taxes apply and which do not.

If you are based in the US, you might consider using our Avalara AvaTax integration to have Avalara provide the exact taxes needed on invoices based on the sale or delivery location and items included on the invoices. AvaTax keeps up with changing rules and rates in 12,000+ tax jurisdictions to save you time importing and manipulating sales tax data inside NolaPro manually.