General Sales Tax Info

General Sales Tax Info

To modify General Sales Tax Info go to Admin -> Billing -> Sales Taxes -> General Sales Tax Info. You can tweak the following settings.

1. How to Apply Sales Tax to Invoice and Order Items: You have the choice to tax all items on an invoice according to the taxes attached to the invoice (Assume each Item is Taxable or Nontaxable for All Taxes for Customer) or to individually tax each line item on the invoice or order so that one line might have one tax apply while another line might have two taxes apply, etc. (Select Which Taxes Apply To Each Item). 

2. Tax Who: Select to tax on the basis of the Order By Address or the Ship To Address. Ship To Address is most common.

3. Sales Tax Districts for Walk-Ins: NOTE: These tax districts are only used if the Tax Who field is set to Ship To Address. You may select up to three tax districts from the search boxes. If you need to add a district, click the Add button. These taxes apply for POS transactions.

4. Is Freight Taxable?: If only certain states that you do business in tax freight, click the Selected States Only option, and select the states that tax freight.

5. Is Labor Taxable?: Check the box if labor is taxable for you.

6. Auto Select Sales Tax From Ship To On Fulfillment And POS Orders: Check this box if you've entered city, county, and state info for your tax districts. Tax districts will be automatically selected for Fulfillment Orders based on the ship-to address for the order.

7. States With No County Tax If There Is A City Tax: Select states for this option for cases where city taxes include county taxes (California).

8. Block Outdated Tax Selection: This option determines how taxes with Effective Dates set are handled. You can have the system block a tax if a newer tax matching the name or city, state, and county exists. Or you can have it only block if a newer tax exists with the same name. Or you can have the system never block taxes based on Effective Dates (Do No Block).