Salesperson Commissions

Salesperson Commissions

Commissions can be calculated on invoices for salespeople using the following methods (see Admin -> Billing -> Company Options -> Defaults -> Default Commission Method):

  • By invoice total less shipping and taxes - The commission rate set for each sales person is used (Income -> Sales Personnel)
  • By inventory item - Set a commission rate for your inventory items in the Item Edit screen (Inventory -> Items)

You can view earned commissions by going to Income -> Reports -> Billing -> Commissions.

You can also calculate commissions manually using info from Reports -> Billing -> Summary of Invoices and choosing Salesperson from the Order By drop-down. This will give you totals and profit per salesperson which can be used as the basis for your own commission calculations.

If you are interested in a quote to have the commission system further customized, please submit a ticket with a customization request.