1. Obtain the add-on for multi-currency by purchasing it from the NolaPro Store
( or within the NolaPro application itself.

2. After signing in to NolaPro 5, select Admin -> Admin Setup -> System Settings. Under System
Settings you will need to select the base currency (which will be used for all Payroll and
Inventory) and also any additional currencies you want to use. You will need to have a unique
“Currency Trading Account” set up in GL for each currency you will be using.

3. Create a bank account for each currency you’ll be using (Payables Setup -> Checking Accounts).

4. When entering orders/invoices/bills/PO’s, etc. you will be able to select the currency you want
to use (the currency the customer will see on invoices and the vendor will see on POs). You can
then select a default currency to be used by the customer and vendor.

5. When receiving customer payments, you will need to receive the funds in the same currency as
the invoice.

6. When making vendor payments, you will need to pay the bills in the same currency as the

7. When doing GL reports, you can select the currency you wish to view the report in, but the
default will be your base currency.

8. Summaries of orders/invoice, etc. will have multiple totals lines (one for each currency used in
the reported group).

9. Please report any inconsistencies and/or bugs to NolaPro via ticket @

10. Thank you!