Restore Translation

Restore Translation

Note: These instructions will only work if the NolaPro version used when exporting the translation is the same version the file is being imported into. It is recommended to backup your database before proceeding.

1. If using Windows, copy the translation file to:

C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\Apache\mysql\bin

2. Open the command prompt and navigate to the above directory.

3. Type the following to enter mysql: mysql -uroot

4. Type: use nolapro;

5. Type: delete from lang;

6. Type: exit; (you should be back at the ...\mysql\bin directory listed in step 1.

7. Type: mysql -uroot nolapro<translation_file_name.sql (using your actual translation file name).

Log into NolaPro and you should now be able to access your updated translation.