Language Pack Installation Help

Language Pack Installation Help

In order to allow your users to select a language other than English for their user interface, you will need to activate the translations you'd like to make available.

Go to Admin -> System -> System Settings -> Region and then check the box next to the languages you would like to have available using the User Language Choices setting.

You can set the language for users by going to Admin -> System -> Users. Select a user to edit, then under the General section set the Language the user will see text translated to when they log in.

Users can change their language by clicking on the user/company settings logo in the upper right of the screen next to the logout button and then clicking the Edit link. There'll be a setting on the page to change the Language along with other options to change the username and password and turn on 2-factor authentication.


* Many initial language translations are provided by an automated service and may not be the preferred wording for native speakers. Please contact us if you would like to contribute specific translation updates.