Consulting Call Session

Consulting Call Session

A Customization Consulting call session is with 1-2 of our NolaPro development analysts and can include the following:

# Customizations -- your project needs vs. what NolaPro already does or can be altered to do;
# General overview of the NolaPro software;
# Specific details of particular areas of NolaPro (i.e., Order Entry, POS, GL);
# Technical information regarding integration, APIs and installation; and
# Question & Answer session.

Once complete, we will provide an assessment of time and costs for your requested customizations. If you choose to go forward with your project, we will provide a $125 credit covering this original consulting fee (for all quotes exceeding $500).

Simply confirm the basic nature of your customization(s) and inform us when it is best to schedule a meeting.

Please note that this session may cover up to, but not exceed, one (1) hour in duration.

To help facilitate our understanding of your needs, you may submit any pertinent materials prior to the session. Note that if considerable review is necessary for us to understand your project request(s), this prep time will be deducted from the time allotted for the actual call.

Be advised that this initial consulting call covers the vast majority of NolaPro customization projects. However, with projects of wider scope, voluminous nature, or evolving needs, additional time and/or research may be necessary to ascertain your needs.

Thank you for your customization consideration!