UPS WorldShip

UPS WorldShip

If you have a hosted version of NolaPro, you can turn on access for a WorldShip computer to access your NolaPro database by going to Admin -> System -> System Settings -> UPS WorldShip -> Enable Access. If you self-host, then you will need to provide access to the NolaPro database for WorldShip on your own particularly focusing on the tables listed below.

The key tables that will be used to pull info from NolaPro are:

  • customer
  • shipto
  • arorder (arorder.orderbycompanyid =; arorder.shiptocompanyid =; arorder.cancel = 1 means deleted)

The table UPS WorldShip will need to write to is called ups. In this table WorldShip can set values for:

  • shiptoid
  • orderid
  • rate
  • shipdate
  • tracknum
  • billableweight

When you ship an order in NolaPro after it has been processed in WorldShip, NolaPro will pull in the data from the ups table and add it to the NolaPro shipment details.