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UPS Worldship


The instructions we have for UPS Worldship that is available in NolaPrint are below:

The barcode on the ticket (the one below the ship address) contains the id of the Nolapro table called shipto. This table contains the name, address, city, state, zip etc. for the shipping address shown on that pick ticket.

You will need to have the UPS worldship computer on your office network (if using an intranet) or just internet access – which it should have – if you are hosting your nolapro somewhere else. You will need to give user rights for the worldship computer to READ ONLY the shipping data. This is done in the mysql administrator area (not part of NolaPro).

When the user scans the barcode, you can set up a script (in the Worldship program) to read in the attached data and auto-fill the various fields for the shipping address. UPS can probably help you with this.

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