Order Discounts

Order Discounts

This is available in POS and Fulfillment Order mode.

If you create an order by going to Orders -> Point of Sale or Orders -> Item Orders -> New/Edit Order there is a "Disc %" field.

Click here to view the NolaPro help text on POS and Fulfillment Orders.

If you would like to add a discount on a Service Order you can add a line item to the order. Please click here for the NolaPro help text on adding a line item.

*Put "1" in "Quantity" and "Qty / Price".
*The "Description" is the discount reason. For example, "Senior Discount 5%".
*The "Sales Unit" and "Pricing Unit" can be set to "Each".
*The "Price" is the actual discount dollar amount. Input this as a negative. For example "-9.99".