Quick Books Converter

Quick Books Converter

The NolaPro QuickBooks Converter utility allows you to import data from QuickBooks quickly and easily. You are virtually assured of a transparent conversion to the free NolaPro software with your crucial data fully intact. 

It will transfer the following data into NolaPro: 

*GL Acct Names 
*GL Acct Beginning Balances 
*Inventory Items 
*Sales Taxes 
*Invoice Terms 
*Price Levels 
*Sales Representatives 

This utility is compatible with the following:

**U.S. editions of QuickBooks Financial Software products
**QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
**QuickBooks Premier (2005 or later)
**QuickBooks Pro (2005 or later)
**QuickBooks Simple Start (2006 or later)
**Canadian editions of QuickBooks (2005-2009)
**UK editions of QuickBooks (2005-2008)

NolaPro must be installed on the Windows machine that is also running QuickBooks. If you have a hosted site, the data can then be uploaded to it. Submit a ticket to our support staff with any questions. 

The converter won't work directly with the online version. You will need to download a backup to your computer and restore it to a downloaded version (can download a free trial of QuickBooks) then run the converter.

QuickBooksTM is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.