About Noguska LLC and NolaPro

About Noguska LLC and NolaPro

Who We Are

In 1973, when computers were limited to science and academia, entrepreneurs Norman Gibat and Kathleen Howard visualized the potential the technology had to offer and began what is now known as Noguska Inc.

From corporate consulting to full-scale implementation of innovative software applications, IT services and industry-specific solutions, Noguska has done it all.

In an age of fly-by-night Internet start-ups, Noguska stands out by providing quality service and fostering long-term business partnerships that have earned them the stellar reputation they have today.

Where did the name Noguska originate? The founders of Noguska in 1973 were Norman Gibat, his son, George "Gus" Gibat, and Kathleen Howard. By combining the first parts of the founders names together, Noguska was born.     

What We Do

We specialize in niche web-application business solutions on Windows, Linux, Mobile, and Cloud platforms, highlighted by our critically-acclaimed NolaPro ERP suite, which is completely customizable unlike most major business applications available today.

Our flagship product is one of the fastest growing business management apps on the market and has been utilized by thousands of companies since its initial release in 2003.

Due to its scalability and flexible architecture, NolaPro is often deployed as a base ERP package by businesses desiring an industry-specific or proprietary accounting, inventory, and payroll system and is then customized over time to meet specific efficiency standards and operating needs not commonly found in one-size-fits-all software.

Why the name NolaPro? The name Nola or NOLA is an acronym for Noguska Online Accounting. We built our first web-based accounting system in 2000 and named it Nola. Our original product was open source, and we used it to learn what users wanted from an online business application. We named our follow-up product NolaPro, which launched in 2003 and built upon our experience with Nola.