Bank Statement Import (OFX)

Bank Statement Import (OFX)

First you will need to purchase the Bank Statement Import (OFX) available on The NolaPro StoreThis add-on allows you to quickly import transaction data from your bank statement in OFX format. You will need to get a bank statement export from you bank in OFX format.

You can get to the bank statement import page by going to Tools -> Imports -> Import Bank Statements

To import the file, click on Import New. Select your file in the OFX File field and the Bank Account in NolaPro this import applies to. Set an End Bank Statement Date. (This will be used to tie it to NolaPro's Bank Reconciliation).Click Import. 

The next page will show all imported transactions. The Link column will show if the system has determined that the item on the imported statement matches an item inside NolaPro such as checks, electronic payments, and deposits (a check for example). In the Action column you can choose to accept the match. (Once accepted you can choose to unlink it later if you don't want these two things to be linked together.) Once linked the item inside NolaPro will appear as checked off on the Bank Reconciliation page for the selected bank account and closing statement date. 

If no potential match was found then you can click Add GL to add a journal entry for the line.