Errors(s) when Installing or Accessing in Windows

Errors(s) when Installing or Accessing in Windows

NolaPro will install on any recent Windows operating system XP or newer (2000, 2003, Milennium, Vista and 7) and there is no need for MySQL or any other third party application. All required programs are built into the NolaPro installation program itself (Zend, PHP, Apache, MySQL).

99% of the time users encounter errors during a Windows installation it is because:

Their firewall / internet security / anti-virus setting have blocked it (ensure you turn off all 3rd party security applications during installation) and authorize everything "Yes" if prompted by Windows; or

If MySQL was stopped from installing from your operating system (common in MS Vista), uninstall it, follow (a) above and authorize it during every step of the way.

It should install the MySQLNoguskaNolaPro service as normal during this process. To check this, click start and use the "Run" option. Type in "services.msc" and click ok & continue.

Look on that list for ApacheNoguskaNolaPro and MySQLNoguskaNolaPro. Those services should be set to "automatic" and "started". If not right-click on each and change the settings.

If that doesn't remedy the problem, you may want to quickly uninstall and reinstall and ensure that you allow every request asked by Windows, your firewall, etc. during installation. Note that this will delete all information and a database backup is needed prior if you wish to retain your data. If you have a 3rd party anti-virus, spyware, firewall or internet security suite running, you may want to turn those off during install, and back on after.

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