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Windows installation results in: "Error opening file for writing"

Solution Issue:

Error opening file for writing:

"C:\Program Files\Noguska\NolaPro\Apache\bin\php5ts.dll"
Hit abort to abort installation,
retry to retry writing the file, or
ignore to skip this file

[Abort] [Retry] [Ignore]


This error is caused by trying to reload NolaPro on a system where it has already been installed. The offending file may be other than php5ts.dll, but the Solution works for all files.


Try to open NolaPro in a web browser by going to: http://localhost:50080

If NolaPro exists, you don't have to reinstall.

Or you can uninstall/reinstall as follows:

Control Panel --> "Programs & Features" or "Add/Remove Programs"

Find NolaPro, right-click on it and choose "uninstall"

Try your installation of NolaPro again.
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