NP 6 menu style

NP 6 menu style

The NP6 style menu has been the default for many years and most users are already using this style. However, there may be some on the older style menu that is no longer supported after version 5.0.17089. Your current version can be found by clicking the question mark at the top right of the screen.


Which menu style do I have? 

The NP6 style has the main menu tabs vertically along the left, with sub-tabs across the top:

NP6 style menu


The NP5 style just has tabs across the top:

NP5 style menu


The major changes in the NP6 style are:

  • The Contacts are now located within their respective sections.
    • Customers are under Income
    • Sales Personnel are under Income
    • Vendors are under Expenses
    • Employees are under Payroll
  • Orders is located under Income
  • Billing (Invoices) is located under Income
  • Payables is located under Expenses
  • Most options within a page, such as Save and Back, are now located along the top bar below the tabs instead of the bottom. 
  • Pressing "Ctrl" and ":" on your keyboard will bring up a menu search (version 5.0.18132 and later).
Why not just keep both menu styles?

While it seems easy to keep both menu options, each style runs on different types of code and needed to be updated separately. This means for every change or update made, it had to be completed twice. Increasingly, more time was required for maintenance as the older menu style was encountering unique issues.
In time, we hope you find that the new menu style provides easier access to your information.

If you are a self-hosted user wanting to try the new menu before upgrading, it can be enabled from Admin -> Setup Admin -> Users. Select your user and Edit. In the General section is a field named NP6 interface (you may need to click Advanced in this section to see it).