vTiger Q&A

vTiger Q&A

Does the plugin transfer account contacts from Vtiger to Nolapro as well?

Right now the plugin only transfers accounts, which equate to customers in NolaPro. vtiger contacts aren't currently transferred.

Does the Nolapro account adopt the Vtiger Account Number or is it assigned a Nolapro ID?

NolaPro will assign its own customer ID, but attached to the customer in NolaPro will be a field called vtiger Account ID. This will contain the Account ID from vtiger.

Are customer fields data Transfered into Nolapro? If no, is that possible at some technical level?

Are you talking about custom fields in vtiger? Custom fields aren't transferred from vtiger. Standard customer fields like address, phone, etc are transferred however.

When Invoices are transferred from Vtiger, are the discounts and contract/Group Pricing reflected into Nolapro?

The plugin transfers all the line item details from the vtiger invoice. If the discounts and group pricing are reflected in the final pricing on the vtiger invoice line items themselves, then that information will pass to NolaPro.

Does the invoice also Generate some form of Sales order in Nolapro from the Vtiger invoice? If no, is there a plan to have orders transferrred in as well?

The transfer of invoices from vtiger only creates invoices in NolaPro. No sales order are transferred or created in NolaPro. There are currently no plans to have orders transferred. We can do this as a customization though if requested.

Does it require a secure URL to work?

Your NolaPro installation should use SSL to encrypt traffic between your browser and the server. This gives the best protection. NolaPro and its API will function without SSL (https), but it is not recommended for security reasons.

Can vTiger sync contacts, products, and invoices?

Yes. This information is sent to NolaPro from vTiger. Nothing syncs from NolaPro to vTiger.

Can vTiger sync sales orders and purchase orders?

No. This would require a customization.

What do "Accounts" mean?

"Accounts" mean companies, customers, and clients.

Does vTiger work with Hosted or Non-Hosted?

vTiger works with both Hosted and Non-Hosted users. If you use the free version all you need is the vTiger Integration add-on and the Inventory and Ordering System add-on if you want to send that information to NolaPro.


*** Customizations can be done to expand capabilities.