Preferred Partner - White Label Version Q&A

Preferred Partner - White Label Version Q&A

1. As I understand it, the white label version will allow us to present the rebranded web-based accounting system to our clients and have it appear as our own in-house system, with no links or references to NolaPro or Noguska. Is that accurate?

*That is correct. The help dashboard page can be turned off, the help text will replace "NolaPro" with your brand name, etc. We’ve tried to cover all bases.

2. As I understand it, our clients will be hosted on Noguska’s server(s) on the white label version of NolaPro that we rebrand with our own logo and links. Is that accurate?

*It can be done that way yes OR you can host them on your own server or a 3rd party site using our Hosting Manager admin tool. The difference is if we host them, then we’re assuming more bandwidth, doing the backups, etc., so the license fees are higher. If you host them yourself, you retain more revenue.

3. Will Noguska employees ever try to contact our clients without our knowledge or consent? And is there any wording in the partnership agreement that assigns our clients to Noguska, effectively making them Noguska’s customers?

*No on both.

4. What about the NolaPro training and help files, are those also rebranded or are we responsible to creating our own training videos and help files? If that falls to us, what software do you use to make your training videos?

*The existing videos are NolaPro, but we may later redo these for the newer version. It has been discussed making them generic so they can be used by partner versions. Text help will show your product name, not NolaPro. We use Camtasia for videos.

5. Will the white label version be updated just as the NolaPro version is updated? If so, will any references to NolaPro or Noguska leak into the white label version.

*All future updates will support WL products as well. If you host, you’ll be responsible for updating it manually (simple process). If hosted with us, we will do it seamlessly. We don’t place for any name leaks and expect our partners let us know should that unforseeably occur.

6. If one of our clients purchases a modification how will that impact other clients? Will the modification be global or will it just apply to the specific client that bought it?

*If you mean a custom change, those can be global, but if they impact something which other users may not want we (a) make it an add-on or (b) use on/off switches so the feature is optional. If they purchase add-ons, it will affect only them, not other users.

7. As I understand it, there is a second-tier support for partners. Is that a faster response time and is it included in the $199 annual fee?

*Typically we charge the same $199 yearly for support to each client. 2nd tier support is for us to support partners who are in turn, supporting their own clients. We expect partners to handle the majority of help services for their clientele - they are free to charge whatever rates they choose and retain all income but we realize that occasionally a partner won’t know the answer to a user’s question and will need to consult us - this is primarily the intent of this, along with technical support needed by the partner. But the short answer is yes, a higher response time and it is included in both the $199 1st year fee, and the $500 subsequent year costs.

8. Will our clients using the white label version also have a secure connection (https) to the server(s)?

*This is up to you. If hosting with us, yourself, or a 3rd party site, you just need to purchase a secure certificate for your desired domain name and have it installed.

9. When our clients want to purchase add-ons, how will that work? Do we need to setup our own branded version of the NolaPro store, or will it be transparent to the user that they are actually buying from the NolaPro store?

*They will be transparent purchases which occur within the application itself regardless of product name.

10. When adding a new user/client, what is the process with the white label version?

*If we are hosting, we can set them up for you. If you are hosting, new sites will be created manually by you using our Hosting Manager product. In either case you will take payment from the client directly.

11. What is the monthly price for each client we sign up? Is it based on a single client, company or per user/seat?

*That is completely up to you and whatever you believe can be supported by your target audience. We only charge a single license fee per client per month regardless of your pricing system.

12. If a client of ours has multiple distinct enterprises (not departments or profit centers), can they run multiple sets of books on one account? Or do they need a separate account for each set of books they maintain? In other words, do they need a paid subscription for each set of books?

*No they do not. One subscription will support multiple sets of books.