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We are currently not integrated with CubeCart. We have done shopping cart integrations in the past on a very specific custom level for some larger retailers, the cost of which ranged between $20k-$50k. However, we would be open to doing a tie-in with CubeCart and are looking for client users who might help us fund the cost.

We are hoping to find 5-6 retailers who could invest about $1k each in this project, and we'd absorb the remaining cost. This means we would essentially do the work at cost, but we believe that the result would be a benefit not only to the investors but to the entire NolaPro community.

If you're interested in assisting in this CubeCart integration project, please submit a ticket and let us know.

Or, you can visit the NolaPro API on The NolaPro Store. This has been created to allow 3rd party applications to easily put data into and get data out of NolaPro. It also ensures that information coming into the system adheres to NolaPro's core business rules.

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