Credit Card Scanner / Processing

Credit Card Scanner / Processing

The credit card scanner is connected through a PS2 card reader. To connect plug the wedge into the keyboard port, and plug the keyboard into the connection coming out of the card reader.

If you only have a card not present internet merchant account set up, you can still use the scanner to drop in the card holder's name, card number and expiration. If you have a card present account set up through you can scan cards with this plug-in and get the lower rate that comes when sending the magnetic card data.

To use the scanning device choose to make a credit card payment inside NolaPro (POS system or Billing -> Invoices -> Enter Payments for example). The screen that asks for credit card data will automatically have the cursor in a yellow-highlighted box. Simply scan the card. If successful the box outline will turn to green and the card holder's name, card number and expiration date will automatically fill in the appropriate boxes. The magnetic card data will be captured in the green outlined box and will be sent to when you click to save the payment.

NolaPro Video Training Library on Credit Card Processing:

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