Shopping Cart / osCommerce

Shopping Cart / osCommerce

The osCommerce tie-in allows you to share customer, order, payment and inventory information between the systems and lets you monitor inventory levels using NolaPro's advanced Inventory module. 

With one click you can connect any NolaPro item to a product in your webstore (only 1 webstore is supported per installation). Orders are passed from osCommerce into NolaPro in real time, so you can say goodbye to double-entry of your online sales information.

When you become a Hosted customer you receive the following support when you purchase the osCommerce tie-in:

# Assistance with a secure certificate for your ecom site
# Email support for your initial store setup
# Application of your 1st osCommerce "skin" - simply choose one from anywhere on the web and email it to us, we'll do the rest.

To learn more about the benefits of our Hosted Solutions and how to join click here.

To learn more about the osCommerce tie-in a click here