Transfer A Copy of NolaPro for Linux to Windows

Transfer A Copy of NolaPro for Linux to Windows

The conversion process is simplified by following these steps:

Install the new Windows application

(1) Log into your customer account at

(2) Download (a) NolaPro for Windows, and (b) the Product License from your menu.

(3) Download any NolaPro Update(s) for Windows for LATER installation. Important! Do not install this update until step 16 below.

(4) Run the NolaPro for Windows installer ONLY and apply the License on your Windows system.

(5) Save the file attached in this email, defines2.php, to the c:\program files\nolapro\apache\htdocs\includes directory, overwriting the existing one.

Export your existing NolaPro Linux data

(6) From a Linux command prompt, run an export query:

By default this will be: mysqldump -uroot --compatible=mysql40 -Q --extended-insert --skip-opt nolapro>nolapro.sql

If you're default username/password or database name differs, use this format: mysqldump -u[username] -p[password] --compatible=mysql40 -Q --extended-insert --skip-opt [databasename]>nolapro.sql

(7) Copy nolapro.sql to the Windows machine under c:\program files\nolapro\apache\mysql\bin

Import your data into Windows

(8) Under Windows open a command prompt by clicking [Start] -> [Run] and typing: cmd (click OK)

(9) At the DOS C:\> command prompt type: cd \program files\nolapro\apache\mysql\bin

(10) Enter MySQL by typing: mysql -uroot --port=63306

(11) At the mysql> prompt type: drop database nolapro;

(12) At the mysql> prompt type: create database nolapro;

(13) At the mysql> prompt type: exit

(14) Copy the Linux export file into Windows MySQL: mysql -uroot --port=63306 nolapro
(15) Exit DOS by typing: exit

Apply the NolaPro Windows Update

(16) Run the NolaPro Update for Windows (downloaded in step 3 above)

(17) Log into NolaPro and let the update complete -- you are finished!