Link Data from OSC to NolaPro

Link Data from OSC to NolaPro

In order to link Inventory Items check that the following has been completed for all items:

Create entries for each item in both osCommerce and NolaPro.

In the osCommerce Admin section go to Catalog and then click a Category to bring up a list of your items. Click on an item to see a preview of it. Look at the web address for the page. 

The end should look something like: categories.php?cPath=24&pID=37. The part "pID=37" is the osCommerce product ID. 

Open up the equivalent item in NolaPro by going to Inventory -> Items -> Edit Items. Towards the bottom of the page enter in the osCommerce product ID from the URL in the box called OSCom Item ID (the number 37 for this example). 

osCommerce orders going into NolaPro will now draw down your NolaPro inventory. Inventory should now reduce in NolaPro from OSC orders. When items are Received Items on PO in NolaPro they will update in osCommerce. 

Customer information is received into NolaPro, along with the order information, as a Fulfillment Order from osCommerce.