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SUSE and Win7 Turnkey System

Solution Enjoy the best of both worlds!

This robust turnkey system features both Windows 7 Home Premium and SUSE Linux as usable operating systems as well as hardware specs that will keep you running optimally regardless of which platform you use.

Not yet comfortable using Linux? Use Windows for your business while you familiarize yourself with Linux. Or start using Linux right away and take comfort in knowing Windows is still available.

NolaPro Business Software and Open Office Suite are also installed, providing everything you need to efficiently run your business.

The Windows 7 and Linux would not work interchangeably. The changes in data on one would need to be transferred through a database backup for the changes to be reflected on the other.


o NolaPro will run on any Linux distribution.

o Any recent version of the Linux distribution should be fine.

o NolaPro only requires that you have a web browser.

o Any standard printer will work (receipt printers not currently supported).

o The SUSE Linux for NolaPro can be either a 32 bit or 64. Whichever is preferred.

o The OS has adequate printer drivers in it.

o There are video drivers included and most video card companies provide drivers for Linux.

o NolaPro is easy to set up on Linux and there is an installation file included with instructions. Some tweaks will likely be needed to your MySQL installation but if any changes are needed they will be noted on the installation screen.
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